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Main characteristics of dyeing machine

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2019-3-28

1.More species for dyeing machine

The objects of dyeing and finishing process include bulk fibers, yarns, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics (blending, interweaving) of various textile fibers。 There are many kinds of dyeing and printing equipment, so it can be twice as effective to select the suitable dyeing and printing equipment for fabrics。

2。Higher production efficiency

The production efficiency of printing and dyeing equipment is much higher than that of textile equipment, which puts forward higher requirements for the structure and material quality of related parts. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of equipment, so that the service life of printing and dyeing equipment is longer.

3.Highly automated

In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, obtain good and stable processing quality, reasonably consume energy, reduce the labor intensity of custody and operation equipment, automation technology is increasingly widely used in dyeing and finishing process equipment. Generally, it can be divided into on-line automatic detection, control and adjustment of dyeing and finishing process parameters (such as temperature, flow rate, liquid level, pressure, etc.), centralized automatic operation of weighing, processing procedure, dyeing liquid conveying and automatic control of some mechanical actions.With the development and promotion of electronic information technology, the automation of dyeing machine will continue to improve.


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