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Swing Colour Testing Instrument

Swing Colour Testing Instrument

Patent No:201610222256.6 201620298465.4 201630116972.7


Swing Colour Testing Instrument is a new generation developed testing instrument by our company。 The machine is swing through forward and backward, dyeing evenly, with lower liquor ratio ,good penetrating power。It is a higher performance testing instrument which have advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, higher efficiency。 It is a technical reform of testing instrument, will brings enormous economic and social benefits to textile,dyeing and finishing,chemical and additives industry。

Main technical parameters


Model KT-24P
Number of cups 8 cups /group*3 groups
Specification 350ml、420ml
Materials 316L Stainless steel
Bath ratio 1:5-1:20
Max. pressure 0.44MPa
Max. Temperature 135℃
Heating rate
(Room temperature-135℃)
Cooling rate(135℃-80℃) 2℃/min
Heating power 2.0kw/group*3groups
Dimensions(L*W*H) 630*795*1710(mm)

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